I Love You to Bits & Pieces – Children’s Picture Book

Sibling Duo Create Loving Tale in Whimsical Debut

Siblings Alex Snyder and Leah Snyder Leitch never planned to collaborate on a book. But much like the message of their debut title, Bits & Pieces – Children’s Picture Book, a deep love for family inspired its creation. “My mother had been asking me to write a children’s book since I was, myself, a child,” says Alex, author of the illustrated children’s book. Yet it wasn’t until he had a family of his own that he felt inspired to put pen to paper.

“Life saw fit to bless me with a beautiful wife and a precocious daughter,” Alex continues. “Loving them did something to my insides, something akin to what the sun does to the sky as it rises.” As fate would have it, the desire to express his love was inspired by the happy face of his newborn. “One morning my daughter smiled at me and got me to do what neither I nor my mother could make me do for so long,” he says. “With a happy heart I sat down and wrote her a book.” Suddenly, Bits & Pieces – Children’s Picture Book was born.

Alex enlisted the help of his sister Leah, a labor and delivery nurse by trade, and she “made magic happen.” When asked to illustrate the rhyming tale, she happily obliged, creating whimsical and colorful creations that reinforce Alex’s tale of paternal love. Leah’s illustrations are a wonderful complement. Highlights include bright flowers, darling squirrels and fawns, moose peaking out from behind a spruce, and elephants, lions, and their young.

The book is a sweet and gentle expression of the love we share with those we hold most dear. “I wrote it so every night I could remind my girls that they are loved—to bits, and to pieces,” Alex says.

With bright and serene illustrations, Bits & Pieces – Children’s Picture Book is a sweet treat for children of all ages and for those who want to tell someone special that they are loved.

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Bits & Pieces (ISBN: 978-0-9977209-0-7, $16.96, Little James, 2017) is available at local bookstores and gift shops, through online retailers, or from Farcountry Press at 1.800.821.3874, www.farcountrypress.com.Lion from Bits & Pieces - Children's Picture Book whimsical coloring book from Sweetgrass Books Moose from Bits & Pieces - Children's Picture Book whimsical coloring book from Sweetgrass Books

Title: Bits & Pieces

Written by: Alex Snyder

Illustrated by: Leah Snyder Leitch

Published by: A Little James Book through Sweetgrass Books

Release date: 3/17

Specs: 24 pages, size 8″ x 8″, color illustrations throughout, hardcover, side-sewn

ISBN: 978-0-9977209-0-7

Price: $16.96