Montana Coloring Book Cover - Mountain Goats at Glacier National Park

The Montana Coloring Book is here, and it is amazing.

Introducing the Montana Coloring Book We love Montana and we’re always trying to find new ways to show it. For years we have proudly produced books that showcase this great state and her many wonders. After the success of Dinosaurs Live! we were excited to find a new project for one of our favorite artists, Ted Rechlin (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Jurassic, Bears). Being …

Awful Air Travel Activity Book Full Art Andy Robbins

The Awful Air Travel Activity Book: Hilarious puzzle book for all-ages!

We hope your bags are packed and you’re ready to go, because you have a one-way ticket aboard Awful Airlines! Humorist and illustrator Andy Robbins (Yellowstone National Park Cautionary Coloring Book) is back with Farcountry Press’ newest release, The Awful Air Travel Activity Book. Equal parts puzzle book and hilarious satire; reader will enjoy more than 30 different activities to keep you busy (and laughing) no matter where you …

Dinosaurs Live! Cover - Dinosaur Coloring Book

Dinosaur Coloring Book, DINOSAURS LIVE! Features accurate and awesome dinosaurs

Acclaimed comic artist Ted Rechlin is at it again. This time, he is letting the reader get in on the action in new dinosaur coloring book. Inspired by recent theories and findings, DINOSAURS LIVE! features intricate, accurate and fun coloring scenes from paleoartist responsible for Tyrannosaurus Rex and Jurassic.