Virginia: A Photographic Journey

New Photography Book Showcases Virginia’s Historic Landmarks and Natural Beauty. Virginia’s best scenery is on display! Explore Old Virginia in Farcountry Press’ newest release, Virginia: A Photographic Journey. Featuring the striking photography of Richard Nowitz and Virginia natives Pat and Chuck Blackley, the book celebrates a true passion for all things Virginia. “We wanted to make a book dedicated to …

Best of the Black Hills Cover

The Best of the Black Hills

Get the Inside Scoop on What the Best of the Black Hills Has to Offer After writing visitor guidebooks to four major national parks, author Alan Leftridge wanted to turn his spotlight on the Black Hills. “The region is so rich in history, culture, public lands, and outdoor recreation,” Leftridge says, “it’s a natural fit for our guidebook series.” Leftridge, …

Death and Survival in Glacier National Park Front Cover

Death and Survival in Glacier National Park

Since 1910 when Glacier National Park was established as our seventh national park, 296 people have perished within the park’s boundaries. “People fall off cliffs, drown in cold rivers, get buried by avalanches, and succumb to exposure,” says co-author Carol Guthrie. “In wild places like Glacier,” she says, “there’s no shortage of ways to meet your maker.”