Welcome to Farcountry

Who is Farcountry Press?

Farcountry Press is an independent publisher celebrating more than 35 years in business. We are family owned and dedicated to producing award-winning books that you will love. We specialize in softcover and hardcover color photography books showcasing the nation’s cities, states, national parks, and wildlife.
Farcountry also publishes several popular children’s series, guidebooks, cookbooks, and regional history titles nationwide.

What is our goal?

We’re always striving to take you places. We live in a pretty amazing world and country and our hope is to share it with you.

Because we’re based out of Montana, we have a special love and focus on this region, but we also work with many talented photographers, writers and storytellers across the United States.

We stand for quality in everything we produce, and truly hope you love whatever you read from us.

Where is Farcountry?

Farcountry Press is proud to call Helena, Montana home.

Our headquarters are located in the old Kessler Brewery bottling plant. The building is over 100 years old and has withstood a lot over the years, from the most bitter Montana winters to the 1935 Helena Earthquake.

While we don’t have a store front, you’re welcome to stop by and visit.

Our front office view is Mount Helena, standing over the heart of Helena, MT.

How you can find our books

At your local bookstore! Farcountry Press works with bookstores across the United States, so odds are, there is a shop near you.
You can also call us any time at 1-800-821-3874

For more information on our titles, click here.