Cover_Texas Wildflowers Impressions

Experience Texas by Wildflowers: Big, bold and Beautiful

Now Available: Texas Wildflowers Impressions Seeking pristine fields of bluebonnets has long been a Texas tradition. In Farcountry Press’ newest release Texas Wildflowers Impressions readers will have the opportunity to join Texas photographers Richard Reynolds and Rob Greebon on an adventure that spans the entire Lone Star state. From cacti blossoms at Big Bend National Park in West Texas, to …

A Country Doctor and the Epidemics : Montana 1917-1918

In his debut novella, Steven D. Helgerson shares a harrowing tale of historical fiction as America prepares to enter Word War I. By mid-October 1918, the largest epidemic of the 20th Century had reached rural Montana. The effects were catastrophic. Grieving the death of his wife and unborn child, a physician, deeply troubled by the limitations of medicine in his time, struggles to protect his community. A detailed study of the extraordinary events affecting the social fabric of 1917 Montana, Helgerson examines a world on the brink of World War I and its affect on a community disrupted by disease and war.